Back from hibernation: Reactivating the blog

As you might have noted, this blog has been quite inactive for a better chuck of the past year. I took some time to upgrade my understanding of agricultural and applied economics through graduate studies at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR). I expect to finish the program in September of 2017. The coursework demanded a lot of my time such that I could not find time to commit to updating the blog. However, now that I have almost finished the most demanding part of the program, I have time to update this blog regularly.

I did not completely shut down the writer in me during my hibernation though. I took time to publish a research paper on determinants of intensity of goat farming is southern Malawi in the Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development. Another paper on intensity of smallholder farmer adoption of climate-smart related technologies in the same region is forthcoming in the Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics. Also, a book on international development I co-authored with staff and students from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and LUANAR got published and launched last August. These publications have helped me sharpen my writing and analytical skills such that you should expect more mature and well-written blog articles.

I am looking forward to having an interesting intercourse with you all.

Author: Edwin kenamu

I am an agricultural economist. I have a strong passion in understanding agricultural policy frameworks and how they can be improved so as to enhance livelihoods in agricultural households.

2 thoughts on “Back from hibernation: Reactivating the blog”

  1. That last statement though, ehem! Did our mula approve. Lol. We did miss the blogs Opsho! Good to have you back. & congrats on the papers!


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