YAP proposal #411: A Bank of Hoofs: Flexible Goat Contract Farming with Smallholders (Walusako Kayinga, Malawi)

An Experiment with Livestock contract Farming as a social entrepreneurship drive in Malawi. what are your thoughts on this idea? comment on the actual proposal to help the idea get votes. you vote by commenting. this is part of an agribusiness competition for the youth by GFAR


Aloha, my name is Walusako Kayinga. I am a second year master’s student in animal science at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

I am running a social entrepreneurship project with 15 smallholder farmers from around the university whereby I provide them with goats, livestock drugs and extension services under a very flexible contract arrangement:

I buy female goats whose parents have twinning history, which I give to the farmers under the arrangement that they will tend for goats to a point where the goats bear their own kids.

When a goat bears twins, I get one and the farmer gets the other. But, when it bears one, the farmer gets the kid. If the farmer is interested, we extend the contract for another 8 month period to the next kidding, only that now the farmer keeps an additional goat and gets an additional goat in return after kidding.

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I am an agricultural economist. I have a strong passion in understanding agricultural policy frameworks and how they can be improved so as to enhance livelihoods in agricultural households.

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